Scott County ARES

Field Day Photos from past events


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Tony Lambertz, KC0YHH, Savage and John Perhay, WA0DGW, Savage  (front L to R) are two of the Scott ARES Hams who tuned the airwaves for a new Field Day contact while Dave,  KE0CBO, Savage, watched the action.   Scott ARES volunteers contacted hundreds of emergency stations during the exercise.  (K0LEJ photo)








Scott ARES operators logged another contact with Chad, KD0UWZ, Chaska at the radio while Bob, KB0FH, Prior Lakes kept the log and Dave, WB7DRU, Burnsville, offered advice.   Contacts all across the United States and Canada were made using digital and voice modes.   (K0LEJ photo)









The 2015 Field Day operating site for the Scott ARES volunteers will be  Canterbury City Park in Savage.     (W0NFE photo)